Kode ini akan mengunci Keyboard dan Mouse Menggunakan SendKeys function.Just compile dalam VB.NET.

‘ must have this in order to use the SendKeys function
Imports System.Windows.Forms

Public Class WinControl

‘ This is the function used in order to block the keyboard and mouse:
Declare Function BlockInput Lib “User32” _
(ByVal fBlockIt As Boolean) As Boolean
‘ This function will block the keyboard and mouse untill a window with
‘ the specify caption will appear or the given time in seconds has
‘ past ( 0 seconds – wait forever).
‘ If the window with the caption appears than the given key is send
‘ to it and the input block is removed.
Public Shared Function Wait2Send(ByVal caption As String, _
ByVal keys As String, ByVal seconds As Integer)

‘ Indicates if the window with the given caption was found
Dim success As Boolean = False

‘ Start time of the function
Dim now As DateTime = DateTime.Now

‘ Begining of keyboard and mouse block

While (success = False And (DateTime.Now.Subtract(now).Seconds _
< seconds Or seconds = 0))
‘ Activating the window with desired function
‘ if the window is not found an exception is thrown.

‘ Sending desired key stroke to the application window

‘ Indicates the window was found and keys sent
success = True

‘ Assuming window was not found and sleep for 100 miliseconds
End Try
End While
‘ Release the keyboard block

End Function

End Class


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